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Permafrost Carbon Feedback Intervention RoadMap Dialogues

Hosted by the PCF Action Group 


Presented by the Canadian Permafrost Association in partnership with Institute for Breakthrough Energy Technologies CCC Ltd. (IBET)




The global effort to address climate change currently lacks a technical or policy framework that adequately accounts for major feedback mechanisms, including the accelerating thaw in global permafrost. Accordingly, for the first time ever, world-class experts are convening in a series of workshops to begin creating a PCF Intervention RoadMap – an action guide for policy makers and investors. This process is intended as a regional supplement to global decarbonization efforts and a complement to initiatives addressing the local geophysical impacts of permafrost thaw.


Permafrost in Arctic tundra and in high-elevation regions has in past been one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, storing twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. Warming global temperatures, however, are accelerating permafrost thaw, turning the sink into a source. The PCF Action Group will be examining technologies and methods of reducing permafrost thaw and/or limiting emissions where thaw cannot be reduced, and weighing their relative impacts – to identify the most promising areas for research and development and to create a first-draft PCF Intervention RoadMap to assist policymakers and green investors.


The PCF Intervention Roadmap consisted of four 90-minute Zoom-based Dialogues:


  1. Opening Dialogue: Why Permafrost Carbon Matters (March 4)
  2. Avoiding Permafrost Thaw: Managing Temperature (March 11)
  3. Are Permafrost Thaw Interventions Possible? (March 18)
  4. Permafrost Carbon Feedback – Priorities for Research, Policy and Investment (March 25)


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Dialogue 1 - Opening Dialogue: Why Permafrost Carbon Matters




Click here to read the summary document of Dialogue 1.



Dialogue 2 - Avoiding Permafrost Thaw: Managing Temperature





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Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive, but may help as a starter.


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