CPA Jobs and Academic Opportunities/ Emplois et Opportunités Académiques

PositionInstitution/CompanyDirect Link

1Post Doctoral (1) - Modeling of the winter carbon losses in cold region wetland ecosystems under current and future climatesUniversity of WaterlooFor more information
2PhD (2) - Impact of winter warming mitigation in controlling carbon losses from pan-Canadian wetland and permafrost ecosystemsUniversity of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, Laurentian UniversityFor more information
3MSc (1) - Parameter estimation using Bayesian techniques to reduce uncertainty in process-based modelling of permafrost soil carbonUniversity of VictoriaFor more information
4PhD (1) - Geomechanical properties of thawing permafrostUniversity of CalgaryFor more information
5PhD (1) - Simulation-based climate services for permafrost environmentsCaleton UniversityFor more information
6MSc (1) - Land use planning and mass-wasting hazards near Fort SevernLaurentian UniversityFor more information
7MSc (1) - Sustainable culvert design over degrading permafrost, Hudson Bay railwayCarleton UniversityFor more information
8MSc (1) - Strength and consolidation behaviour of permafrost sedimentUniversity of CalgaryFor more information
9MSc (1) - Thaw-related landscape change in Weenusk Traditional TerritoryLaurentian UniversityFor more information
10PhD (1) - Permafrost and ground ice conditions in the Hudson Bay LowlandsLaurentian UniversityFor more information
11PhD (1) - Thaw pond initiation and evolution pathwaysLaurentian UniversityFor more information
12PhD (1) - Simulation of permafrost change and quantification of confidence in resulting data productsCarleton UniversityFor more information
13PhD (1) - Quantifying the ice and water content of permafrost with dielectric methodsCarleton UniversityFor more information
14PhD (1) - Risk management of linear infrastructure in remote permafrost terrainCarleton UniversityFor more information

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