North Yukon Permafrost Conference

August  21-26, 2022

Dawson City, Yukon


Co-sponsored and co-developed with

Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Government
First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun
Vuntut Gwitchin Government




Conference Overview

The North Yukon Permafrost Conference is an initiative of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (FNNND), Tr'ondëk Hwëtch'in Government (THG), Vuntut Gwitchin Government (VGG), and the Canadian Permafrost Association (CPA). Held in Dawson City, this unique conference will focus on climate change effects in the Traditional Territories of the three partner First Nations including themes of impacts on municipal and linear infrastructure, geohazards, and approaches to adaptation.  To allow time for small group discussions and relationship building, the program is unconventional and comprised of keynote presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, half-day field excursions, and evening public lectures. The event will be live-streamed to allow for virtual attendance. The conference program is being developed by a Steering Committee with representatives from the three First Nations and the CPA. 


The conference Steering Committee is responsible for the program.

  • Erika Tizya-Tramm, Director of Natural Resources Department, VGG
  • Josée Tremblay, Manager of Lands and Resources, FNNND
  • Jim Taggart, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Coordinator, THG
  • Lukas Arenson, CPA President, 2020-21
  • Kumari Karunaratne, CPA President, 2022-23
  • Chris Burn, CPA Board member (ex-officio; acting as Chair and co-ordinator)

The Steering Committee is also supported by Adrienne Hill (FNNND) and Katie Fraser (THG).








Venue capacities and accommodation availability in Dawson are limited and we are anticipating this event to be sold out. Register and arrange accommodation now if you plan to attend!




The conference registration fees include an opening reception, lunches, a banquet BBQ, and two half-day field excursions. Virtual attendance includes a livestream of the presentations and panel discussions and ability to contribute to discussions. 


Registration Fees

CPA Regular Member

  • Conference - Early Bird: $600
  • Conference - After 15 June 2022: $700
  • Virtual Attendance: $250
  • CPA Membership Fee (only if you are not yet a member): $100


CPA Student/Early Career Membership

  • Conference - Early Bird: $400
  • Conference - After 15 June 2022: $500
  • Virtual Attendance: $50
  • CPA Membership Fee (only if you are not yet a member): $30 

You must be a CPA Member to register for the conference.


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CPA Member can register for the conference on the CPA Members Only Website at the top of this page.



Once logged in to the CPA Members Only Website, Register for the conference under Events > Calendar or click REGISTER - North Yukon Permafrost Conference.



Cancellation Policy

Registration fees can be cancelled and refunded within 72 hours of registering or transferred to an alternate participant before August 15, 2022.



Accommodation in Dawson is largely booked for the duration of the conference. A limited number of hotel rooms have been reserved by the CPA for the nights of 21 - 26 August and for 22 - 25 August. People attending the conference may need to share a room to allow full participation by CPA members. If you wish to stay in the accommodation reserved for this conference, send an email as soon as possible to Request Conference Accommodation. Chris Burn or Astrid Schetselaar will contact you with further instructions. 


Arrange accommodation as soon as possible if you plan to attend! 


Conference Schedule


The conference schedule can be found below, and the preliminary Program Overview is now available here.  The final program will be posted on the CPA website once contributors and presentation titles are confirmed.


Sunday, August 21

Afternoon - Registration

Evening - Opening Ceremony


Monday, August 22

Morning - Theme: Setting the Scene

Afternoon - Field Trips (Choose 1 of 3)


Tuesday, August 23

Morning - Theme: Impacts of Climate Change on First Nations

Afternoon - Theme: Municipal Infrastructure

Evening - Public Lecture


Wednesday, August 24

Morning - Theme: Adaptation to Climate Change

Afternoon - Theme: Geohazards

Evening - Public Lecture


Thursday, August 25

Morning - Theme: Linear Infrastructure

Afternoon - Field Trips (Choose 1 of 3)


Friday, August 26

Morning - Panel Discussion Reports from Themes and Recommendations

Noon - Closing Ceremonies 



Field Excursions

The afternoons of August 22 and 25 will be reserved for field excursions. Three different excursions will be offered both days and participants will have the opportunity to select their preferred excursions on both days.


Klondike “muck” deposits

Organized by Duane Froese and Derek Cronmiller


This field excursion will visit placer mining exposures of 'muck' or 'yedoma' in the Klondike goldfields near Dawson.  These deposits are exceptionally exposed in the area and will be used to illustrate the history of ground ice development in relation to environmental changes over the last 100,000 years.  We will observe ice wedges and other relict ground ice along with the abundant and diverse fossils of Pleistocene mammals, ranging from woolly mammoths to scimitar cats uncovered by mining.  We will also discuss the new understanding provided by paleogenomic reconstructions of permafrost-preserved ancient DNA.


Dempster Highway

Organized by Sandra MacDougall, Fabrice Calmels and Chris Burn


This field excursion will travel from Dawson to Chapman Lake Airstrip at km 124 on the Dempster Highway and back. The excursion will visit sites with problematic winter drainage management, reappearing sinkholes, the Chapman Lake erosion issue, and degrading tundra polygons. We will examine ground water effects on permafrost thickness. The excursion will visit Tombstone Territorial Park.



Top-of-the-World Highway

Organized by Antoni Lewkowicz


This half-day excursion will cross the Yukon River by ferry and travel along the Top-of-the-World Highway providing panoramic views of the never-glaciated terrain, from the boreal forest in the Yukon River valley floor (320 m above sea level) to alpine tundra (1220 m asl). Climatic gradients will be discussed, emphasizing the influence of air temperature inversions on permafrost distribution below treeline.



All of these excursions will be jointly led by First Nations Citizens and the organizers.




Transportation to Dawson City from Whitehorse

Bus travel will be available from Whitehorse to Dawson City leaving on the morning of 21 August and returning on the afternoon of 26 August.  The price of this transport will be $75 each way and must be paid in advance as a separate event.




Poster sessions will be held during extended lunch times each day. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please submit the title of your poster and an abstract through the form below by June 30, 2022.


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