Board of Directors

Current Board


Kumari Karunaratne

President and Chair of the Board

Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Yellowknife

[email protected]


Guy Doré

Université Laval (retired), Quebec City
[email protected]


Peter Morse

Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
[email protected]


Barbara Fortin


Tetra Tech, Yellowknife
[email protected]


Teddi Herring

Communications Director

University of Ottawa, Ottawa

[email protected]


Madeleine Garibaldi

Early Career Representative

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge

[email protected]


Jocelyn Haley

University of Calgary, Calgary

[email protected]


Dale Heffernan


Golder, Whitehorse

[email protected]


Chris Burn

Ex-officio member (non-officer)

Carleton University, Ottawa

[email protected]


Past Board Members

Lukas Arenson, BGC Engineering, President 2020-21

Jennifer Humphries, Aurora Research Institure, Communications Director 2020-22

Antoni Lewkowicz, University of Ottawa, President 2018-19

Carolyn Gibson, University of Guelph, Early Career Representative 2018-19

Wayne Pollard, McGill University, Member-at-large 

Panya Lipovsky, Yukon Geological Survey, Member-at-large 

Ashley Rudy, Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Communications Director 2018-20

Xiangbing Kong, Universite Laval, Early Career Researcher 2019-21

Jason Smith, Canadrill, Member-at-Large 2019-21