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Welcome to the

Canadian Permafrost Association


Bringing communities, researchers and practitioners together to advance understanding of permafrost environments.


The Canadian Permafrost Association was founded in 2018 to bring together academics, practitioners, policy-makers, communities and indigenous organizations to help understand and address challenges, such as:


  • Rising costs of infrastructure construction and maintenance on permafrost
  • Impacts of changing permafrost on ecosystems and food security
  • Development of landslides and other hazards on thawing permafrost
  • Release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as organic matter decomposes following permafrost thaw
  • Stability of housing constructed on permafrost
  • Changes in water quantity and quality relating to permafrost
  • Sustainable resource development in permafrost areas


The CPA'S objectives include:


  • Supporting the development of key synthesis products, such as maps and databases
  • Holding annual meetings and major conferences to promote knowledge exchange and networking among different groups
  • Promoting permafrost education through specialized training seminars and workshops
  • Supporting early career researchers
  • Creating national awards for permafrost science and engineering
  • Advising the International Permafrost Association on issues relating to permafrost in Canada




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