Webinar Series


The Canadian Permafrost Association is pleased to host the CPA 2021 Webinar Series, a six-part monthly webinar series to be held virtually over Zoom from July to December 2021. Through the 2021 Webinar Series, the CPA aims to encourage exposure to and discussion about current developments in permafrost science and engineering in Canada.
The first webinar of the series was held at 1:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, with a presentation by Dr. Fabrice Calmels, a Permafrost and Geoscience Research Chair at the Yukon University Research Centre. Dr. Calmels is a geosciences and northern environment specialist whose work is devoted to the impact of climate and environmental change on Canadian landscapes, communities, and infrastructure. Dr. Calmels has worked in Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavik, and we look forward to hearing his presentation on permafrost hazard mapping in the North.


The webinar recording is available to view to CPA members via the members-only section of the website. To join the CPA, please visit the CPA Membership page or contact Barb Fortin ([email protected]) or Peter Morse ([email protected]) for any questions regarding membership options or registration.