Elements of Permafrost Science


Elements of Permafrost Science with Dr. Chris Burn (Carleton University)


This video series was sponsored by the Frozen Canoes Project of the Research Council of Norway. The Frozen Canoes Project provides education on landscape and infrastructure dynamics in frozen environments undergoing climate change in Canada, Norway, and Svalbard.


Summary video 1.0


Video Series

These materials aim to summarize some of the basic ideas and information you may need to understand the behaviour and sensitivity of permafrost terrain. The videos are organized into 3 modules, where each module contains 8 lectures. For each lecture, there is a short summary video. Full-legnth lectures will be posted soon, so stay tuned!


Module 1: The Ground Thermal Regime


Module 2: Ground Ice Characteristics and Development


Module 3: Permafrost Geoscience


Collaborators of the Frozen Canoes Project