Mackay Lecture

This lecture, named in honour of Canada’s pre-eminent permafrost expert, the late Professor J. Ross Mackay, is given at each Canadian Permafrost Conference. It was established by the Canadian National Committee for the International Permafrost Association (CNC-IPA) in 2015 and is now jointly awarded with the Canadian Permafrost Association (CPA).  The recipient can be at any career stage and is chosen jointly by the CPA Board and members of the CNC-IPA based on research excellence in permafrost studies.


Dr. Chris Burn (Carleton University)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Dr. Chris Burn, D.Sc. is Chancellor’s Professor of Geography at Carleton University and is well-known in Canada and internationally for his many publications on ground ice, permafrost and climate change. He has worked extensively in the Yukon and NWT as well as on Svalbard. He collaborated closely with Professor Mackay for many years at field sites in the Mackenzie Delta and continues these studies, extending them to unprecedented durations. His research was recognized by an NSERC Senior Northern Research Chair (2002-2012), and by several awards, including the Permafrost and Periglacial Processes Award (2014), and the Canadian Polar Medal (2018). He is currently Senior Vice-President of the International Permafrost Association and will assume the presidency in 2020.

Dr. Steve Kokelj (Northwest Territories Geological Survey)
Dr. Steve Kokelj is a Permafrost Scientist at the Northwest Territories Geological Survey and was honoured as the first-ever presenter of the J. Ross Mackay lecture at the 7th Canadian Permafrost Conference in Quebec City. He is known for his extensive work on landscape change across the Canadian Arctic and works closely with partners to develop environmental monitoring networks to support evidence-based decision making in the Northwest Territories.