Standing Committees


Five Standing Committees were established in early 2021. Each of them supports one aspect of the CPA's mission to bring people together to foster permafrost research in Canada. The vision, context, and objectives of the various committees are outlined in the CPA's Strategic Plan. Committees are composed of CPA volunteers, and report to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more about one of the committees, or would like to join one, please reach out.  


Standing International Committee (SIC)

Act as the interlocutor between the CPA and the IPA on matters relating to the international permafrost community, including at the IPA Council.

Antoni Lewkowicz (Chair), Sharon Smith (Secretariat), Steve Kokelj, Ed Hoeve, Guy Doré, Chris Burn (ex-officio)

Standing Membership Committee (SMC)

Support new and existing members, increase engagement of CPA members in activities, and propose new member services. Current activities include developing a mentorship program, produce the CPA's quarterly newsletter, and distributing standing awards and burseries.

Samuel Gagnon (Chair), Rahib Day, Alice Wilson, Pamela Godin

Standing Finance Committee (SFC)

Develop and implement ideas to increase revenues, including attracting donations from foundations, industry and individuals. One of the primary initiatives of the group is creating the charitable arm.

Wendy Sladen (Co-Chair), Emmanuel L’Herault (Co-Chair), Ryley Beddoe,  Astrid Schetselaar

Standing Dissemination Committee (SDC)

Facilitate CPA activities that raise public awareness of permafrost issues, make contributions to permafrost education, and highlight CPA synthesis products and permafrost research carried out by CPA members. Some current activities include creating social media initiatives, updating the website, developing field guides, and short articles.

Jen Humphries (Chair), Tabatha Rahman, Michelle Landry, Alejandro Alvarez, Alexandre Chiasson, Rosy Tutton, Shannon Hibbard, Christy Rouault

Standing Linkages Committee (SLC)

Develop connections and strategic partnerships.

Duane Froese, Dylan Hemming, Mike Brown, Tim Ensom, Jenna Craig