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Read about how permafrost is changing in Canada in the newly released Canada’s Changing Climate Report

Chapter 5


Lisez comment le pergélisol change au Canada dans le nouveau Rapport sur les changements climatiques du Canada.

Chapitre 5


Annual General Meeting

The CPA’s first Annual General Conference and Business Meeting was a success thanks to all those who attended and the amazing work of the organizing committee! The organizing committee was made up of a group of dedicated people from the Northern Climate Exchange and the climate change research group of the Yukon Research Centre at Yukon College.

The CPA meeting started off with a great hands-on workshop in the use of electrical resistivity tomography for permafrost investigations. One of the objectives of the CPA is to provide more workshops and short courses to CPA members so stay tuned.

There were 15 oral presentations and two plenary talks over the two days, representing a mix of natural and social scientists, engineers and First Nation and Government Organizations. Details can be found in the full conference agenda. During the first day of the conference, the CPA held a Town Hall where members were provided with time to ask questions of the board and provide feedback on the association’s next steps. We thank all those who attended and the positive feedback we received. At the end of the day, the CPA held its first Annual Business Meeting of Members where members of the CPA officially ratified the constitution and by-laws. Board members present at the meeting provided a report of past, current and future activities. A copy of the presentation given at the board meeting can be found here. 

On the second day of the conference, CPA members and Whitehorse locals set out for a field trip led by Fabrice Calmels and Louis-Philippe Roy of the Northern Climate Exchange. Research groups at the College use a number of different techniques including borehole and temperature data, as well as ERT and permafrost coring to closely monitor permafrost in this sporadic discontinuous zone. 



If you wish to become a member  – and we hope you will – please fill out the registration form and send it to Peter Morse secretary@canadianpermafrostassociation.ca. An invoice that includes GST/HST (as appropriate) will then be sent to you by Lukas Arenson treasurer@canadianpermafrostassociation.ca together with instructions on how to make your payment (electronically or by cheque). The Board agreed on the following cost (+ GST/HST) of memberships:

  • Regular – $100
  • Student/Early Career (4 years since last confirmed degree) – $30
  • Lifetime -$1500

Please contact Lukas for corporate/institutional/community membership options.

The board also agreed that memberships paid in 2018 will also cover 2019. As a paid-up member you will be eligible to vote at the Annual Business Meeting and to stand to become a member of the Board. Other benefits will come on stream, including a members-only section of the CPA web-site.


Si vous désirez devenir membre – et nous espérons que vous le ferez -, remplissez simplement le formulaire d’adhésion et envoyez-le à Peter Morse secretary@canadianpermafrostassociation.ca. Une facture incluant la TPS / TVH (selon le cas) vous sera envoyée par Lukas Arenson treasurer@canadianpermafrostassociation.ca avec les instructions de paiement (par voie électronique ou par chèque). Le Conseil a convenu des coûts suivants (+ TPS / TVH) pour les  adhésions:

  • Régulier – $100
  • Étudiant/En début de carrière – $30
  • Membre à vie – $1500

Veuillez contacter Lukas pour les options d’adhésion corporatives/institutionnelles/communautaires.

Le conseil d’administration a convenu que les adhésions versées en 2018 couvriront également l’année 2019. En tant que membre en règle, vous aurez le droit de voter à l’assemblée générale annuelle en octobre prochain et pourrez devenir membre du conseil d’administration. D’autres avantages verront le jour graduellement, y compris une section réservée aux membres sur le site Web de l’ACP.